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Richard O’Grady


I have been in the hospitality industry for over 35 years, and have loved every minute of it. I have also worked in Corporate senior HR roles for many organisations who rely heavily on a casual work force.

So many times over the years have I wished for a way to simply contact casuals when the need arose, only to spend hours trying to fill a shift with the right experience.

Go Casual brings the answer to this issue.

Kane Rogers

Lead Developer

Kane brings a level of knowledge and skill that is hard to find. Kane has worked in IT development within the food industry for many years, giving him critical insights into this challenging environment.

More recently Kane has developed a 3D gaming engine. The skills required for this type of project are extremely high level.

Go Casual is fortunate to have such a talent on board.

Andre Jaeggi

Business Development Manager

I (Richard) met Andre on a trade mission to Africa. Andre’s ability to bring people together and to connect needs with products is an art he has honed well over the years. Andre is a master of human interaction. Having spent 40 years working as a business development manager for governments, he now speaks six languages and has a unique perspective when connecting businesses with suppliers.

We are thankful to have Andre join the Go Casual team, to lead our business development function.